Many bars are manufactured with glucose syrup that carries technical functions such as sweetness and binding capabilities, which contribute to typical organoleptic characteristics of this type of product. However, there are alternatives to the use of glucose that can be nutritionally advantageous to the consumer as well as carry out the same technological functions.

Code of Practice has indicated that to make a “very high in fibre” claim, a minimum of 6g per serve of dietary fibre needs to be declared. Sun Health Foods ensure their products contain this amount of dietary fibre on products where we have made this claim.

Parents often choose foods labelled “all natural – no artifical colours or flavours” for their children for piece of mind. Sun Health Foods recognise this is an important part of a parent’s decision when selecting the right type of product and as such have not included any artificial colours or flavours in their products.

Sun Health Foods recognises that people suffering food allergens is becoming increasingly predominant, particularly with an intolerance to gluten. Where ever possible, we have re-developed all our products to become gluten free, such that consumers with a gluten intolerance can enjoy the snack filled goodness of our products.

Sun Health Foods recognise the beliefs of whole grains in a healthy diet and uses grains such as rolled oats and whole puffed rice grains wherever cereals are required.

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