Sun Health Foods has extensive capabilities in contract manufacture.

We provide end to end service with extensive knowledge and capability from product brief through product development and final product production.

Some of the Key capabilities of Sun Health Foods are:

  • Hot and cold cooking of syrups – brix are measured to control water activity
  • Vacuum cooking of syrups- high brix products without burning
  • Mixing of both large and small particulate recipes
  • Iced rolling of hot products for layers fruit/ caramel
  • Large particulate compressed bars
  • Small particulate compressed bars
  • Coating of bars yoghurt, chocolate, dark chocolate- including full enrobe, bottom and or top drizzle.
  • Nougat preparation/ high whip facilities
  • Bar layering options with sprinkles
  • Coconut coating
  • Roasting facilities for nut roasting
  • Kibbling facilities for nut chopping
  • Mincing facilities for small particle fruit bars

Our plant is hacccp certified and we run gmp production principals. Many well known brands are manufactured in our facility and we would be happy to discuss any product brief and how we can help bring that product to the market.

View video featuring some of our equipment facilities here.


  • Sun Health Foods currently holds the following manufacturing certifications:
  • SQF
  • CODEX HACCP and General Principles of Food Hygiene – 2003
  • Food Safety Victoria
  • Woolworths Quality Assurance Standard
  • Costco approved supplier
  • Currently renewing our Organic Certification.


Please contact us on any of the points outlined on our contact page for an initial discussion.

Sun Health has an experienced Product Developer who has been working with the company for many years. She has experience with developing all types of health and protein bars. We have the capability to develop at a laboratory scale to keep costs down and turnaround fast. Capabilities include:

  • NID bar forming – This line is capable of forming extruded fruit and protein bars in a variety of widths and lengths. These can be decorated with a range of chocolates and automatically flow wrapped at the end of the line.
  • Conbar sheet forming – This line is capable of forming sheets of nuts, muesli base, fruit base, fudge base or protein base centres. These sheets can be extruded and cut into a large variety of bar sizes. After the first sheet, this line has the added capability of providing a caramel layer e.g. Mars Bar type centre. After the second layer, further layers can be added with ingredients such as nuts e.g. Snickers bar or chocolate or protein chips. A combination of these layers or ingredients can be enrobed in a large range of coverture chocolates, compound chocolates, yogurt or sugar free variants of all. In this same range you can either fully enrobe, use a base only or decorate. The bars are fed automatically into a flow wrapper and packed into display boxes or can be semi-automatically packed into multipack boxes.


Sun Health Foods is organised to support efficient distribution operations. The company maintains a network of experienced freight forwarders to ensure rapid and smooth delivery of product to our Customers direct from our factory door. All deliveries are made by carriers experienced in handling FMCG. We are EDI capable and have the ability to exchange sales orders, invoices and shipping data with major customer partners.

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