Syrup ingredients are used at Sun Health Foods as a binder to enable the dry ingredients to form and adhere into a bar-shaped product. Syrup ingredients used include rice syrup, agave syrup, glucose syrup polydextrose, and honey. These syrups have been selected as ingredients to enable for overall reduced processing sugars and reduced calories in the finished product. The advantage is that this contributes to and aids in weight management.




The wholesome goodness of fruits is selected by Sun Health Foods in their products, used as a natural source of sugars and sweetness, which include apricots, apples, sultanas and pears. Most fruits are generally high in fibre and Vitamin C, which helps contribute to an antoxidant effect in the body. Fruits also contain phytochemicals which aids in proper long-term cellular health and they also may benefit in aiding thyroid hormone metabolism and immune functions.



Hi Fi products are products manufactured by Sun Health Foods that are high in fibre. Ingredients used to manufacture these products are mainly natural, with the fibre being sourced from fruits, nuts and extracts of plants including inulin from the chichory plant. The advantages of a diet high in fibre are numerous and include items such as:
• acting as a bulking agent in your diet, to make you feel fuller faster;
• lowering cholesterol;
• regulating blood sugar



Sun Health Foods has a variety of rice ingredients in the manufacture of their products. Related ingredients include items sucth as rice syrup, rice bran and puffed rice. As rice is regarded as the most important staple food commodity world wide, rice ingredients are readily available enabling a fast response to demand on the manufacture of products using rice ingredients. Rice ingredients are also a good alternative for gluten free products.


Sun Health Foods uses a wide range of grain ingredients in the manufacturing of some products, including oats, rice and corn. Grains of this nature generally contain soluble fibre, which contributes to an extended sensation of fullness. Grains and cereals especially oats also contain cholesterol lowering properties, which is a healthier alternative to products and ingredients with higher cholesterol.



sunflower_seedsSEED PRODUCTS
There are several products that contain a number of seed ingredients, such as sesame and sunflower seeds. These ingredients are known to be rich in various vitamins and minerals and contain phytosterols, which is associated with reduced levels of blood cholesterol. Further, they can also be an excellent source of dietary fibre, protein, Vitamin E, B Vitamins and various minerals.

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